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Photos: Caron Bronkhorst

Die Waenhuis

You know that Clint Eastwood movie – the one where he rides into town on a tired horse, squinting into the dust. He heads to the nearest (unfranchised) watering hole, […]

Photo: Knut Otto

The Kimberly Hotel

I cannot tell you the price of beer at The Kimberly Hotel because the whore who sits at the corner of the bar always buys them for me.


Roadhouse: The Apple Bite

The first time I went to The Apple Bite was in 1979, I was only three at the time. I have stopped off to have a bite many times since […]

Photo: Mads Norgaard

Cape Town Food Trucks

Words by Rob Cockcroft   Photography by Mads Norgaard   Popularised by the likes of taco trucks and the upmarket grab ’n go fare from the streets of New York, food […]

A soft and fluffy loaf.

Best White Bread

This basic white bread recipe is nearly foolproof. That means if you get it wrong, you should stay out of the kitchen.

It feels like a Billy Joel song in here.

The Radium Beer Hall

This place has been around to see the rise and fall, and rise and fall of Orange Grove at least three times over. Nestled in its corner on Louis Botha […]